Social Work Is My Passion And Love To Involve In It : Film Producer Rai

April 22,2016-Jyoti Raj Rai is film maker by profession. Born in Bhojpur and raised up in Laxmi marga Morang, he was the offspring of British army. HiFinal Finals mother wanted him to be an army but he was entrepreneur minded from his childhood. Unlike the most of the Lahure offspring he had different thoughts and desire. He has the heart of helping the needy from his childhood. He used to pay the fee of poor friends even in his chidhood. The habit has been extending on even in these days. He answered few of these questions to Nepal Parikrama.

 -How did you enter in the fieldl of cinema making?

My cousin Rajkumar Rai and I had grown together. As he decided to be in the field of film making he invited me to be the partner of his venture which I accepted. I became the film producer that way.

– How many cinemas did you make?

 We made several films like Sangam, Triven, Paapi manchhe, Paapi Manchhe 2, Producer, One Way and Mega serials like Dui Thopa Aansu and Saino Kasto Kasto

– What is your other passion beside film making?

 I have been in social service from my childhood. I paid some of the needy friend’s fee at school days too.

– What are your important charity works?

 I have done myself or coordinated many welfare works. During the earthquake I coordinated to distribute cloA Photothes, quilts etc. We made a earthquake proof building at Nuwakot for a school in sponsor of construction company. I had gone London last year to promote my film producer which was a very successful tour. I donated Rs. 4,80,000 to a disable association out of my London tour income.

–  How much you are interested in Social work ?

Obviously, I am interested and involved in social work from the very begging of my career. I am also a member fo helping you UK. Last time I helped earthquake victims of Sindhupalchowk and dolakha district by providing relief. Actually, Social work is my passion and love to involve in it.

– What are your future plans?

Recently, I am pretty busy in my construction company. After the earthquake there are many projects to be done. I have been preparing to go to London for the second time from the Indigenous Nationalities Film Promotion Committee, Film Development Board where I am a member. We have been trying to explore our market abroad and honor the indigenous filmmakers and stakeholders in London.


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