Nepal featured in travel series that is quickly redefining family travel

Baburam Timilsina, Mar-31, For the month of March, Nepal was the chosen destination for the The Kid Trotter travel series. The series is a professional family produced travel series which brings viewers on a cultural journey around the world. 

The Kid Trotter is very quickly gaining momentum as families world wide search for alternative and real experiences on holiday. Families are more and more looking for real educational and cultural experiences for their children. Many families are even choosing a world schooling form of education for their kids as they realize the importance of multi cultural learning. 4 final 12

The Kid Trotter series is an unique and innovative project that tells the travel tales of this French/Irish family through the eyes of the 6 year old Enya. They are traveling the world on cool push scooters ! It is aimed at showing parents how much fun it can be to travel with kids and also to entertain children, educate them, and inspire curiosity about the world … through real human and cultural experiences. The project was born from the Clifford’s realization that little exists in the travel space for children and families…. so they decided to take on this epic challenge themselves. After an extremely successful  pilot series in Vietnam, and interest from international TV channels they decided to take the costly option to self fund the project. This tough decision was taken primarily to keep complete editorial control of their series but also to ensure the ability to broadcast the series for free online in the effort to reach the maximum amount of families.

The series is produced and edited in a truly unique and innovative fashion with young catchy music and rhythm  – The episodes are 10 minutes of fun, culture and color !

The family are producing 5 different 10 minute episodes from Nepal focusing on a diverse range of experiences like volunteering in local schools, multi day trekking in the Annapurna area, living with local Nepalese family, experiencing the amazing Holi festival, and learning from handicraft artists. 

When asked why they choose to promote Nepal, Sean (the Dad) replied “ People thought we were crazy coming here after the earthquake and just after the blockade, but we, having heard about the friendliness of the Nepalese people, wanted to support and promote the economy and tourism sector” Valerie (the Mom) added “And we were not disappointed with our experience in Nepal. It truly is one of the must visit countries in the world. No bucket list should be without the letters N-E-P-A-L. There is something for everyone ! Yes sometimes western comforts are limited and power shortages take getting used to… but that what travel should be about … real cultural experiences… real travel … real life”.

Nepal is just one leg of the family’s round the world (production) tour. For the year of 2016 they are visiting 10 different and amazing countries with the aim of broadcasting episodes from an amazing array of cultures, to promote world schooling and to educate children around the world.

Education for children will never be the same again… 

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